Alice Hu

Bachelor of Art and Design

The motivation of the works was my immigration experience to Australia, and my perspective of multiculturalism, acculturation and egalitarianism. 

These experiences have pushed me into facing my identity, my idea of belonging and everything that made me ‘different’. I focus on how my aesthetic in arts and the practical process were influenced by the aspects of my cultural upbringing such as Daoism, Confucianism and ancient Chinese mythologies.

I’ve producing over 100 kg of slip for this project. The carefully selected universal animal shapes and the stereotypical Chinese figurines creates a new merged identity, represent something new rather than specific nation, speaks of an acculturation experience and how we interpret ourselves. I wish to represent the importance of acknowledging the significance of our past and cultural identity, whilst not let it stop us from moving towards a diverse society that appreciate and respects each other’s differences; cultural, gender, and species.
‘Black ‘sheep’’ depicts a series of ‘cats’ circling and staring at the black cat in the centre whose body shows deliberate creaks, result of the joining of two forms. I aimed to capture the paradox of whether the incessant gaze of the outsiders could have been the cause of the cracks, or if it was the cracks that attracted the gaze of the larger group. All works can be interpreted in such way. I wish not to reveal my interpretation, but to leave room for imagination and the potential for new ideas