Emma Perry

Bachelor of Contemporary Art

“Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me” we are taught to say as children. Growing up I always found that names where more hurtful and painful than any physical injuries that I endured. However, I have found that I have caused more hurt through negative talk to myself than anyone else has. Daily assurance that I’m not good enough and do not live up to the social expectations of the ‘ideal woman’ or have the ‘ideal body’ weighs heavily on my life, it is a slow and forever ongoing journey to repair, accept and learn to nurture and take care of who I am and the body I am in.

Social Media is known to emphasis a plethora of insecurities, with the ability for anyone to edit and deform personal images to conform to the patriarchal ideals of the ‘ideal women’ allowing friends and family to view and create unrealistic expectations of women.
My intention for my work is to create conversation and connection to those who feel like they are alone – an honest representation of what I am feeling, and a way for myself to initiate healing and self-growth. I truly believe the words by John Berger “What you saw depended on your place in time and space”. Referring to how you view yourself, if you are looking for the flaws and are in a negative head space you will find them and continue to talk negatively, whereas if you are in a positive mindset you will view things in a completely different light, you will begin to see the beauty and strength within yourself. "

‘Letting go of Ideals and accepting the Real’ - A journey to self-acceptance [body of work]
Black and White images on paper, found stones, red wool, red embroidery thread, hand blown broken glass bubbles