Izzi Selfe

Bachelor of Contemporary Art

I’m not a clown, I’m just a cunt, live-performance, approx. 10-minutes.

The construction of subjects and their subsequent policing is what drives the conceptual framework of my practice. Informed by acts of fucking, shitting and pole dancing, I use the body as a site of knowledge and resistance, formulating work that draws attention to the queer body as politicised, in flux and ultimately abject.

This performance is critical, resistant, and anti-climactic. It leaves no answers but instead maintains a space of questioning. I seek accountability from the audience, an acknowledgement of their prejudice. I am asking them to be active in the performance as they are in society every day. I am spurring the questions, that I, as a minge munching, nonbinary pussy slime mxtrx am constantly being asked.

I use edging as a way of withholding climax, refusing to be bound to these ideas of a fixed, whole, and non-porous entity. I am sticky, gooey, fluid, and I exist ‘exclusively as an event, a relation, a practice, or an evolutionary process’. I’m not a clown, I’m just a cunt de-privatises the individual, contained, and censored body, instead highlighting it as a subject of radical defilement.

The found objects, such as the keg and kettle, obtain qualities of the messy, uncontained, abject body. By thrusting my trans body against these objects, I ultimately strip them of their common meaning and replace them with something penetrative and polluted.

I'm not a clown, I'm just a cunt    performance, found objects, you