Josh Juett

Bachelor of Contemporary Art

The singular experience of a subjective consciousness is one cultivated by means of the fortification of the self. It is a condition which is learned through the identification with one's surroundings, Where-by concepts relating to appearances within conscious primarily become the structure which formulates the self, and the experience of being a conscious observer. The self, exists as an illusion within consciousness and functions as an effect not a cause of individual experience. The primary goal of this project is an attempt to create awareness in both myself and the viewer of the formulated construct of the self, a convincing illusion but an illusion none the less. The recognition of a state outside of this mode of thinking demonstrates an opportunity to be unburdened in many cases. To be lost in thought is often to suffer needlessly, and the recognition of the endless neuroticisms that exist within the unconscious identification with the self can lead to an end to suffering.

An Attempt at a Fruitfull Experience
Oil paint on wood panel