MMXXI The 2021 Graduate Exhibition

Peter Walker
Program Director, Master of Design (Contemporary Art)
UniSA Creative

Congratulations to all the students in MMXXI The Graduate Exhibition.

The exhibition and the graduation ceremony mark a significant achievement in your lives. One that will never diminish; The Master of Design (Contemporary Art) degree is yours for life. Most importantly, the experiments, explorations, trials, failures, and successes that have accompanied you throughout your studies will inform your work for years to come. Looking back over these early works, the sketches, maquettes, and finished pieces will all find their way into your creative vocabulary. The hand and mind have a deep connection, with the tangible creations brought into the world revealing thought processes that emerge with time and reflection.

Graduation refers not only to the marking of this occasion of achievement with the conferring of your degree, but also to notions of gradual progress, of moving forward.  In the USA and the UK, these ceremonies are often referred to as Commencement ceremonies. The beginning of something new.

This is the most exciting prospect. What’s next?

The anticipation of the next artwork is what drives us all. The unknown, the uncertainty, the self-confidence and the opportunities that present themselves, are all ingredients to be mixed into your thoughts and actions.

It’s been wonderful to witness your work as it has evolved over the past two years during the Master of Design (Contemporary Art) Program with each of you pushing your work into new territory.

On behalf of the Master of Design program I would like to offer a sincere congratulations to all of you for keeping focused and inspired over the past two years and allowing your work to develop in new ways. Thank-you for the wonderful contribution you have made to the program over the course of your studies and best wishes for “what’s next.”