Renee Pastore

Bachelor of Contemporary Art

Renee's practice is multi-disciplinary, primarily focusing on expanded painting and installation. Her work requires the viewer to be present to perform as an ‘activating’ component of the work, the work itself becomes an instrument of interrogation and self-reflection. Visual language is utilised and adheres to humanistic, bodily qualities.
Renee considers her expanded paintings a body of work, collated to re-present the human body.
Her work brings attention to aspects of the body such as skin, organs, and bodily fluids; creating a harmonious dissonance between abject and beauty.
The suggestive and somewhat abject nature of these high gloss materials of choice are subtly concealed with contrasting surfaces, and matte cloth. Familiarity is recognised in repeating right angles throughout, noting to the domesticated stereotype of bed sheets or table cloths; juxtaposing industrial materials associated with trade and labour-intensive work such as chain and pipe.
Linkages are made to traditionally female led arts such as textiles; while gender performativity and feminist theories are pulled on with the inclusion of industrial materials that are associated with masculinity or the male body.

"Within the nucleus of my resolved work is my studio practice, a fascination of materials and a love for process. A subconscious who secretly rules each creative decision made, a gut feeling I’m forced to follow."

feral & luscious
clear plastic sheet, PVC pipe, chain, gel-medium, cloth, plaster, acrylic paint, contact paper.