Ron Edwards

Bachelor of Contemporary Art

The paintings are based around the sublime process of freediving. What is the sublime? Simply it an aesthetic, a way of describing the uncanny attraction to the objectionable; feelings such as fear and awe. it is that uneasy urge to jump off a cliff, the incommensurable (cannot be measured). Sublimity is tension. It pushes the boundaries of what should be considered aesthetically pleasing. There is a mark of awfulness, of sombreness within sublimity although the emotion is delightful at the same time.

Lilac Sky
acrylic, porcelain on wood

acrylic, porcelain on wood

Taking inspiration from the sublime the paintings are about holding your breath. The involuntary breath holds when interacting with something that cannot be described.

The paintings attempt to make you hold your breath;
‘And all that you are left with are spaces that breath underwater leaves.
Bubbles and foam on the surface.
That’s why your sea turned lilac.
All that’s left is the breath on top and a body under the surface.
A body nonetheless and a single breath caught.’
Mine too.

— Susie Hynes